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To the Suicide Note I Never Wrote

Warning: This is a long post… It was in November of 2014. I had a normal work day. I went to a job that I hated, did the best that I could (which was never enough), came home, and sat on my couch. For whatever reason every emotion was triggered that night. I can’t remember...

I am a Teacher… What was I Thinking?

I am currently trying to calm down internally and plan for the upcoming year. I have edited and printed a planner for the year (pics below), in the process of creating a Parent Info/Communication Log, and a Substitute Binder… all while starting to gather supplies for the classroom/students. In the midst of it all I...

But Can I Trust You?

It took me years to get to a place where I liked myself but along the way it has been one rough road. Along with loving myself, I realized┬áthat I deserve love in my life. However I don’t fall in love easily. In fact I’ve only fallen in love once and when my heart was...

Why Do You Worry?

Last year was one of the most trying years for me and my faith. I took a major leap of faith by quitting my job with no stable back up plan and followed the path that God laid out in front of me. Along with that leap of faith came some of the biggest challenges...

Bad Days and Sunny Skies

This post may be a bit all over the place so I apologize in advance…. I don’t think that I have discussed this yet but I have suffered with depression since the age of 13. About 2 and a half years ago I went to a women’s conference at the church that I now call...

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