About Me


Hello Lovers. My name is Kirsten, my friends call me Kay, and I am the person behind LyricalJunkie.com. I hail from the great state if Texas and reside in Houston (born & raised). Like many people in this world I have struggled to find my own path, my platform to express myself… I lacked my own voice. After years of feeling lost I decided to finally take the steps towards making something for myself. A friend of mine suggested blogging (listing a solid 10 reason I should blog), I decided she was right, and after a month or so the name and concept came to me. However it took me a long time to actually launch this site (a year and a half to be exact). As I started to write out my plans for the blog I realized something was off. Something didn’t sit right with me and I decided to wait to start my blog until it felt right. I had to know that the content I put out was something that I really connected with and was experiencing.

The original idea was a music blog (music being my first love), then I decided I should document my weight loss journey (suggestion from my trainer), and then I realized I wanted to share more. I wanted to share my life. I have struggled with more than just my weight. I struggled with my self-esteem, self-worth, mental health, and a lack of courage. I took me 29 years to finally let go of all the pain I had inside and start living for myself. The past year has been an incredible learning experience. The instant I decided to put ME first, things started to change around me. Doors started to open and I saw who my support group really consisted of.

What to truly expect in this blog:

  • my fitness journey (and all that comes with it)
  • new music obsessions
  • falling in love with myself more and more each day
  • events around town
  • spiritual growth
  • going back to school (MBA 2018/19)
  • motivations to keep going
  • exploring my want to act

I know… It’s a little bit all over the place but then again so am I.  This blog will be raw and honest. A journey to a healthier life and loving myself completely means dealing with all the things that got me to where I am today, breaking those habits, dealing with those emotions, setting goals for myself & steps to achieve them, as well as reminding myself this doesn’t happen overnight and is a lifelong commitment. This is my life’s motto:


try again


So if you’ve read this far then I hope that you stick around and continue to follow me on my new chapter in life and wherever it takes me. Feel free to leave your experiences in the comments and let’s get to know one another. I want to this to be a place people can connect with one another and don’t feel ashamed to discuss what they are going through. No one’s journey is perfect but the uniqueness of our stories is what makes us great.