Who’s Your Competition?

We spend our entire lives trying to one up each other. Whether in sports, music, or academics, we are taught at a young age that being the best is the ONLY way to be. We are taught that unless you’ve earned the top spot, you’ve earned nothing.  My question is: who taught you that and why?

For me it was every other kid in school and the things that I watched on TV. For others it’s friends, family and biggest of all – their parents. Once you hear something enough over and over again it begins to ring true for you. Especially if it’s from those you personally trust. Problem is this particular truth is a lie. Beating out everyone around you, usually at all costs, is never an actual win. The reason being once you beat out the next person there is always someone else to beat and if you are “lucky” enough to reach the top you have no drive to continue as there is no one else to beat. That’s where dissatisfaction and/or an over indulgence of arrogance sets in. You become consumed with the status quo and forget what true success is.

Success is more than just reaching a goal; it’s making sure that you’re happy with your choice to go for the goal,  you continue to push forward while working towards the goal, and being happy after you met that goal. If by the end of reaching your “success” you don’t feel good about it, then what was it all for?

a better you


One of the major keys to success (in my DJ Khaled voice) is knowing that YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON YOU HAVE TO BE BETTER THAN!!! Go for what makes your heart happy – and yes your head and heart should be in align with your decisions. Do your best to enjoy the ride. When times get tough remember why you started this journey in the first place. When it is all over reevaluate what is best for you and what you want your next move to be.

step outside

When it’s all said and done you’ll get to a point you realize you’re satisfied with your work and there is nothing else you need to do. In that moment you’ll feel satisfaction. True satisfaction of a job well done and that my friend is success.

Never base your worth of any merit on another person.






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