I Turned 30 Today

I think that we all have an expectation of where our lives are supposed to be at 30 and rarely do any of us meet those expectations. Now there is a small percentile of the human race that seems to actually have set goals for 30 and met them all. For those of you my hat’s off to you. That is an amazing accomplishment. For the rest of us in the universe here are 30 things that I’ve learned and am still figuring out:

  1. 30 is not the new 20. 30 is 30 and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s a blessing to reach 30 years on this earth. Not every gets that opportunity.
  2. Success is what you make of it. No one can dictate to you what your success is. It’s your life not theirs.
  3. The title of friend shouldn’t be given to everyone. I asked God to remove people from my life who meant to do me harm and some of my “friends” fell off. Be selective with that inner circle
  4. Having a significant other doesn’t determine your self worth. Along with a million other things in life, a relationship will fall into place when it supposed to. Anything forced won’t be real and you won’t be happy
  5. It’s never too late to go for your dreams. Your passions don’t have a time stamp.
  6. You’re 30. You have to start “adulting”. You can’t use being in your 20s as an excuse anymore. It won’t happen overnight but yeah. Growing up is inevitable so embrace it.
  7. You still need your parents. Sure they don’t take care of you like they did when you were a teenager but their life advice is still needed.
  8. Your mom can become your friend and be your mother at the same time (In fact she’ll be mom first and friend second). The relationship shifts and it’s pretty cool
  9. Your parents were right. Everything you thought you knew and they didn’t understand is wrong. They may be “from a different time” but life lessons are the same.
  10. Life is precious. Don’t take a single day for granted.
  11. Don’t look to others for validation. Your own approval is all that you need.
  12. Sometimes your next step is not where you want to be BUT it will get you to where you need to be.
  13. GO TO CHURCH! It will revitalize your your spirit and get you through the week.
  14. If you pay attention to someone and listen to them they will tell you everything you need to know about them.
  16. Take time to stop and smell the roses. The world has so many negative things swirling around you. Take time to seek out the good in others and observe the little joys God places around you. The world is still a beautiful place.
  17. It’s OK to TREAT YO SELF! (Parks and Recreation reference). In all seriousness you should treat yourself every now and then.
  18. Heartbreak doesn’t kill you, it just hurts. You get over it eventually and if you’re lucky you’ll fall in love again.
  19. Never compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone has their own story and lives to life. No two stories are the same. Everything comes in due time.
  20. Good music will change your life.
  21. God will save your life.
  22. Family isn’t always blood but they are just as important
  23. Every day that air fills your lungs is a blessing. Count every day as a blessing. That means the good and the bad ones alike.
  24. Remove anything from your life that doesn’t do you good. People, jobs, music, tv… anything that brings you down and/or distracts you from your goals needs to be removed from your life.
  25. It’s OK to cry. Crying is actually good for you and allows you to get emotions out.
  26. Writing down your feelings whether in a journal or in blog form is therapeutic.
  27. Mental health is just as important as physical help. Make sure to have a confidant or a therapist that you can talk to you. If you need both, that’s just fine as well. Don’t hold anything inside.
  28. It’s OK to love people from a distance.
  29. Stay moisturized, drink plenty of water, stay in good company, and don’t entertain negativity.

So there you have it. Thirty things I have learned in 30 years. I could do more but those things have really helped me over time and I hope they help you too!



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