Girl’s Trip!!!!


Last Friday I saw Girl’s Trip with 3 of my girls and had a great time! We had candy and wine and laughed the entire movie! It was exactly what I needed. The movie provided you with fine men, plenty of laughs, a valuable lesson and best of all representation!

So lets discuss my takeaways and over all experience:

  • Never lose sight of who you are no matter the cost. Losing yourself in a career and/a significant other is NEVER okay. Seeing Ryan “have it all” was cute and all but sis was falling completely apart at the seems and allowing a lie to ruin her internally. It took being confronted multiple times by her girls and realizing she’d hit rock bottom in order for her to stand up for herself.  and don’t forget about your friends. Sasha started to let money and the want for a certain lifestyle, allow her to make a career choice that could destroy other people’s lives. Lisa forgot to live her life. She spent so much time taking care of everyone else, that she forgot to take care of herself. These ladies all had to give themselves are hard look in the mirror and decide to change the way they were living in order to be happy again. That can mean walking away from a job or relationship. Although it can hurt temporarily, the pay off is worth it.
  • Complicated/positive relationships between women can exist. Girl’s Trip showed black women being vulnerable, letting lose, losing control, and being care free. All the while they are forced to deal with their personal problems on their own and together. No matter where you are in life. They fought, they said harsh things, they lost sight of what make them the “Flossy Possy”, and found a way to get back together… which leads me to the next point
  • Don’t forget about your friends! Friendships are relationships and they deserve just as must work as any other  relationship. These people chose to make you are priority in your life. They have seen you at your worst and still love you. Even after separation and fights, with some elbow grease and honest conversations, you can heal a broken friendship and push forward.
  • Representation will always matter! Black women (well minority women in general) are rarely afforded the opportunity to have fun on screen and just be themselves. There is always some stereotype that we are expected to play. Girl’s Trip allowed black women to see ourselves and strong and weak, funny and afraid, quiet and loud. I loved every moment of it! women of color needs to be able to see (visualize) ourselves outside of the expectations that have been placed on us. This movie allowed for that to happen.

The over all watching experience was something else too. In the words of my friends Jessika: It was like going to a cookout. The crowd was interactive and having a good time. It was part of what made the movie so great. We were all able to sit back and enjoy the movie. If you haven’t seen Girl’s Trip, GO WATCH IT NOW! No you don’t need to be black to get the messages of the movie. It honestly will speak to everyone. Just be prepared to take in large amounts of beautiful people, a lot of laughter, a little nudity and some adult conversations.


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