I am a Teacher… What was I Thinking?

I am currently trying to calm down internally and plan for the upcoming year. I have edited and printed a planner for the year (pics below), in the process of creating a Parent Info/Communication Log, and a Substitute Binder… all while starting to gather supplies for the classroom/students. In the midst of it all I am excited to start this new adventure but on the other hand I am losing it. Internally I am chicken running around with it head cut off… too graphic?

Anyway. This has been one of the most interesting feelings that I have had in a long time. I quit my job because I know that is what the Lord was pushing me to do but walking into teaching is nerve wracking. I have been all over YouTube watching videos and getting advice from different teachers. I have been doing everything but PRAY! Like what have I been thinking? I prayed over this job hunt every day. I cried in prayer. I praised in prayer… but in the moment I should really be praying (in preparation) I haven’t. It wasn’t until creating this post and figuring out what I wanted to say that I remembered I had forgotten to pray. Needless to say when I get off this laptop I will be having an extensive talk with God. He got me this far, so I am confident that He will get me to and through my first year of teaching. I know that God placed me where I am at for a reason and I am almost ready for whatever He decides to throw at me…. well kind of..

So what are you all embarking on in the upcoming year? New Businesses? Relationships? Ending things that no longer serve you? I want to know.



From the screen to print and bound!!



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