The Selfie Initiative

The Selfie Initiative

In a little over 6 weeks, I am about to stand in front of 6th graders every day who will be insecure about any and everything. With that being said, how am I in all my raging insecurities going to help them love every bit of who they are? so I decided to push myself to a point where I was another level comfortable with myself. It’s taken years and baby steps but I am getting closer to being fully OK with me. So for my small baby step I decided to take more selfies… this small slightly narcissistic at that most of the world does is very hard for me. I am the worst about picture of me. I hate taking them and really hate reviewing them for others to see and/or judge. It fills me with anxiety. But the other day I was happy with my brows, liner and lipstick (Cabernet by Jouer Cosmetics), and I decided to start the cycle of countless angles and facial expressions to come up with what best represents my mood and me. It’s exhausting.

So I went for it – meaning I posted the collage – and it didn’t kill me. I tell people all the time to just for whatever it is that they want and own it. As long as they own it, the people around them will do the same. Simple motto right? Yeah I know… easier said than done but I am learning to take my own advice.

So what do you want to do that makes you nervous? I challenge you to go for it. No matter how big or small the desire, I promise it is valid.



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