Perseverance Paid Off!!!

On May 1, 2016 I turned in a one month notice to my supervisor and the doctor that I worked for. I told them that I would be pursuing a career as a teacher. Then May 27th rolled around and I walked away from my job with no idea where God was going to take me. I felt blind but I had a sense of peace knowing that God was guiding me.

As the year lead on I found myself in some pretty low places. It was hard not having a full time job and not knowing how my bills would get paid BUT even in the lowest of moments God came through. He made sure that every necessity was taken care of and I was reminded that I was worrying for no reason. Even though I have fallen apart and cried my eyes out, God still held down his end of the deal. He told me if I quit my job and followed Him everything would be fine. A little over a year later it finally happened.

On June 1, 2017 I got an offer to be a 6th grade English teacher and on June 13th I got the email stating that I needed to come in for my hiring session. Two days later the contract was signed and I am an official teacher!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I was in tears the night I got the email. Every up and down that I had experienced was well worth it. Now I am in the process of planning out all that I need for my classroom and what I need my classroom rules to be.

I am so excited but also incredibly nervous. There is going to be a big shift in the right direction for me and I just don’t want to mess it up. I can’t thank God enough for his favor and continued blessings. I look forward to what else He has in store for me.


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  1. M

    Super proud of you LJ!


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