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Wednesday I had an interview for a teaching position and as I began to walk towards the building an older woman waiting to pick up someone looked and smiled at me. For a brief moment I could’ve sworn she was my grandmother. She looked just like her and it took me by surprise. The reason being, I lost my grandmother to ovarian cancer June 8, 2008. Mary Jane had been on my mind a lot lately. I find myself wondering if she’d be proud of me right now like she was before she passed away.

I went into the interview full of so many emotions. I missed her so much in that moment and wanted so bad to tell her all that was going on in my life and to tell her I was working hard to make her proud. When the interview was done and I walked back to my car the woman was still outside waiting. She smiled at me again and I smiled back. I realized it was her smile. It was just like my grandmothers’. It was comforting in an odd way. Like God was letting me know that if she were here she’d be proud and she would be smiling from ear to ear hearing about what my goals were. She wasn’t a woman of many words so when we did have a conversation I held onto all that she said.

So to all of you out there reading this, I just want to say to tell your loved ones that you love them. None of us know how long we will have them around. I am grateful for the memories I have with the loved ones that I have lost and want to continue to make it a point to tell those I love that I love them. I hope that you do the same.

Oh and that’s my grandma and I. I don’t think I was quite 1 yet.


PS… the interview went very well. Waiting to see if I make it to round 2.


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