Ladies Let’s Empower Each Other

March 8th was International Women’s Day. On that day I saw so many posts about what it meant to be a woman, the strength of the a woman and women taking the time to uplift one another. Unfortunately we don’t always see that everyday. Don’t get me wrong. I do think that there is a more positive vibe amongst women now more than ever. The problem is that it’s not a steady stream of positivity.

I know that growing up I noticed how strong words are. In church I would hear that life and death is in the tongue. As a result I have always striven to make sure that I speak life into other people. I try to give compliments when they are due. When I came across this video I saw a conversation about the very thing that I try to do on a day to day basis as well as a few other topics. Take the time to watch the video and then ask yourself what is feminism to you and what do you do as a woman to uplift the women around you?




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  1. Crysy

    We’re so much more powerful when we work together!!!


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