Whole 30 – Let’s Get Started


As a jump start on a healthier lifestyle my mom and I have committed to Whole 30 for the month of January. Well we are starting today and ending the first week of February. We will be cutting out bread, processed sugars, and dairy (except eggs). It will be a complete detox of our system and once it is all over we will slowly begin to add foods back and pay attention to how our body reacts. It will be interesting to see what my body doesn’t tolerate that I most likely love. I’ve had a friend do this before and she loved it. She warned me the first week is the worst but it gets easier with each week. My mom and I are looking forward to the changes in our body and how we feel overall.

So the plan is to let you all know what I am eating and how I am feeling as the days go by. I will do my best to provide pics of the meals, where we got the meals and tips along the way. We went shopping this past weekend for ingredients and started prepping meals… so yeah. Here are a few initial tips.

  1. Clean Ya Pantry – We are cooking from the Whole 30 cookbook and with that comes a thousand and one ingredients. At least it seems that way. With Whole 30 you have to cut out sugars and most seasoning have sugar in them. Take the time to go through your pantry and read all of the labels. You’d be surprised to see what all you CAN’T use anymore. After that make a list of what you need to replace. Also note that you once you purchase this stuff you won’t have to do it again. So that initial hit to your bank account won’t happen every week.
  2. Figure out what you are going to cook and make a list (Check it twice) – If you look at my picture above you’ll see post-it notes that my mom and I made throughout the cookbook of what we want to make. We then selected 5 recipes that we wanted to make for this week and made a list of all that we needed. Read through your list completely while comparing it to your recipes. We didn’t do that and have had to make multiple trips. Learn from our mistakes.
  3. MEAL PREP!! – You have to set aside time to cook. With my mom teaching and me subbing, we might have the time to cook daily so we decided to cook ahead. Talk about a time saver! Being crunched for time is a big reason why most people eat out and don’t cook. We’ve set aside Saturdays for this. We’ll be shopping together and cooking together.
  4. Portion Control and Snacks – You have to pay attention to the portions that you eat. For most Americans we put more food on our plates then we should eat. Cutting back on portions sucks at first but if you make sure to plan your healthy snacks throughout the days (part of meal prep) then you’ll be just fine. Eating small meals throughout the day and drinking plenty of water will keep you fuller longer.
  5. DON’T GIVE UP – I literally started today but let me tell you… I just wanted a sprite. Just a small sip but that is not a part of the plan. So I drank some water. This isn’t going to be an easy task by the benefits greatly outweigh any small slip up that can become a nose dive into the wrong direction.

Okay that’s it for now. I’ll do my first meal on a separate post as this is too long.


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