2016 Reflection

This year has been one for the books to say the least. I started off taking classes towards my MBA, working a full time job, and classes for my teaching certification… oh! and test taking for my certification. My life was taking a downward spiral and I didn’t know how to catch my breath. When I turned 30 in February I asked God to get me to a place where I was uncomfortable at my job if I needed to leave. I didn’t want to be anywhere that He didn’t want me to be. Next thing I know I couldn’t bare being at work anymore. I couldn’t breathe in that office, I felt sick driving up to the parking garage and I hated how I felt about my work. On April 23, 2016 I knew that I had to quit and on May 1st I turned in my one month notice. It was the most difficult decision I have ever made. On the other hand it was the absolute BEST decision that I have ever made.

Since quitting my job I completed all of my classes for my teaching certification and passed my content exam, started working a small part-time retail job, and realized that I have a lot of dreams and ambitions. Most of all, I realized that I have every ability to accomplish them.

I am still looking for a teaching job (I’ve been on 4 interviews… hoping for lucky #5), I started writing a book that I am very excited about, I am looking into becoming a stylist (which is a different conversation), and I have found out which people are really there for me. It has been a hard but rewarding year and in the end I wouldn’t change a thing.

My relationship with God has never been stronger, my fight with depression and anxiety has gotten much better, and I’ve gotten to spend time with my parents. I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I came home. They have been the best support system.

2016, my 30th year of life, has been one of discomfort, growth, and learning. 2017 is the year of investment. Each step that I take will be an investment in my future. If it doesn’t add to my life then it’s not allowed in.

So major changes happened in your life? What will you pledge to do for yourself next year?

no resolutions… just small life modification for the better.



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