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A couple of weeks ago my friend Shatise came to Houston to celebrate a friend’s engagement. While she was here she wanted to take pictures to capture the moments before heading home. After the weekend was over and she returned home she noticed something. Every time she wanted to take a picture of me or with me. I tried to get out of it and when she wanted to show me the pictures because she thought they were cute, I showed no interest. It was saddening to her because she saw something in me that she once saw in herself.

A lack of confidence.

There was more to the conversation but in a nutshell I explained that although I’ve worked through depression and I no longer deal with that inner battle of hatred (I’ll talk about that later), I still have to learn to like what I see in the mirror. It is a daily battle. I am working on loving myself more and more every day but I don’t always like what I see. I’ve never liked taking pictures ( I think I get that from my mother) and I rarely like the pictures that I take. I think we all know how hard it is to find the perfect selfie and for me that process is even more agonizing. She stated that she hoped I’d reach a day that I could see myself the way that she and God see me. I too want the same thing. So in order to help myself gain the confidence that I should have I am going to pick up my copy of Joyce Meyer’s The Confident Woman’s Devotional tomorrow. I have it on reserve at my local Barnes and Noble. Come to find out she used it before and loved it. I’d go more into the growth that I have seen in Shatise but that is her personal story (and it’s an AMAZING one). I am going to continue to speak life into myself and boost my own self confidence. I can’t depend on anyone to do that for me.

I’ll be keeping you all posted on my progress. Maybe I’ll start to share more picture of myself. In fact I think I’ll start today with a picture of the lady who unknowingly pushed me into making a positive change for me. 12 years of friendship and counting. I couldn’t have asked God for a better friend. These are from the other weekend.

s and i

shatise and I


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