Expectation vs. Reality

I had a list of things that I expected for myself by the age of  30. A flourishing career, a husband, a kid or 2, a substantial savings account and a house. Not a single thing on this list has come to life. I am as single as it gets, no kids, in an apartment that I can’t wait to move out of and I live essentially paycheck to paycheck. As for that flourishing career, I have something a job that I don’t like and barely get paid to do.

I had to come terms with where I am in my life before I headed down a spiral and depression. I had to take the time to realize that everyone has their own personal journey and every story is different. I had to take step back and stop myself from comparing my life to someone else’s. Everyone has been through different obstacles that help shape who they are today. I had to realize that if I got everything that I wanted right away, I wouldn’t appreciate it the same way I do now. I had to find peace within my journey and remember that I am right where God wants me to be.

The career, husband, kids and bank account will all come in due time. If I just rely on God to provide what I need and trust in Him, He’ll take care of it. My bills are always paid (even when I don’t see it happening), I am surrounded by people that love me, and I am going to be a teacher (my career is starting and my funds will increase). My life is happening right on track. I just have to trust God’s will and everything will be just fine.


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