Let’s Talk Grammy’s and my Fav Moments!

So I missed half the Grammy’s (side-eye to myself) and had to go back and google all of the performances and review the list of winners. The performances were good but I feel they aren’t as great as they used to be. Every award show feels like the planning committees are less and less ambitious on delivering a show we’ll never forget but oh well. Here are the 5 highlight moments for me:

  1. Hamilton: Being a choir girl, I get excited seeing musicals. Their performance was amazing, well choreographed and their voices are superb. Hamilton is the type of production I wished existed when I was younger. I would’ve actually tried out for plays back then and probably felt a little more comfortable with pursuing acting. Hamilton not only gave us an astounding performance, but gave us diversity! Representation is so incredibly necessary and needs to be in the media. So thank you Javier Munoz and cast for bringing diversity to the theater and taking that all the way to the Grammy’s!! LOVE IT!
  2. Adele: perfection in a performance won’t always happen. However, Adele continues to take my emotions on an emotional roller coaster and I AM HERE FOR IT! Her talent is pure and raw. I love that she didn’t give a thousand apologies for glitches that may have happened but instead reminded the public that “shit happens“. She amazing. I love her and her music and am just happy to see her perform again. Now to find a way to get into her concert…
  3. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson: These two teamed up and gave me a song that, although overplayed, was a little anthem for me. Bruno channeled the late/great James Brown in his song and in the video. Uptown Funk was energetic, catchy, and full of “I love myself. Deal with it.” I am glad that it won record of the year. Side note – boo to the music cue trying to cute their speech extra short. rude.
  4. Alabama Shakes: I can’t begin to explain how exciting it was to see this group. The most obvious reason for me would be that lovely lead singer, Brittney Howard, is black. Let me repeat that: She’s black y’all! This is so rare and so needed. Representation baby!!! Her voice is strong, raspy, and rooted in sultry goodness. I have to thank Spotify for introducing me to this group in my weekly discovery playlist a few months ago. I remember hearing Sound and Color and falling in love immediately. Then came Give Me All Your Love. It’s just gets better with every record. This blues/rock band is the exact thing the music industry needs to honestly shake things up (no pun intended). They killed it last night and I love every single minute of it. I can’t wait to see them truly blow up. Their music is AMAZING and people need to get into them.
  5. Kendrick Lamar:  Lastly but not least Kendrick “You’re going to accept my blackness because I refuse to to anything else but embrace it” Lamar laid it all on the stage. You can’t tell me that you didn’t something move within you watching that performance. He brought back Trayvon Martin for all of those that forgot and let everyone know he’s not here for the racial injustice. He let us know that being black is beautiful and he wouldn’t change it for anything. He showed celebration and freedom during our dark times. Kendrick is one of the strongest voices of our generation and isn’t going anywhere good kid, m.A.A.d. city is provokingly honest and To Pimp a Butterfly took it to the next level. I see nothing but greatness in this man’s future.

I’d like to give a shout out to J. Cole and his album Forest Hills Drive that is certified platinum with no features… Just in case you didn’t read that correctly – PLATINUM WITH NO FEATURES!! Who does that? It hasn’t been accomplished in 25 years. To me this album is a honest emotional pour out of truth. Although he is a rap artist, I get a hip-hop feel. Along with Kendrick Lamar, his music tells a story of his way of life and what he knows to be true. He speaks about social inequality and doesn’t apologize for it.  I look forward to watching his career play out over the years as he is another voice of the generation.


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