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Jesse Boykins III


Back in 2009 I could only find Jesse Boykins III on YouTube and now he’s all over the internet and TV. He is one of the few artists of current times that sings about real romance. J Boykins continuous gives me 90s R&B/soul love type of vibes and I am completely here for it.  With this is mind I felt it was only fitting to have him as our first Spotlight Artist so close to Valentine’s Day.

This young man has brought back the romance in soul music. It is almost as if you feel his passion with every note he sings. Words like: lush, soulful, passionate, deep and penetrating come to mind when I describe the sound of his voice.  This man is pure and raw talent. I first heard his song Itis, then came Amorous, and I fell in love when I heard his cover of Andre 3000’s Prototype. There was an instantaneous connection between the romantic in me and his music. His sound reminds me of Maxwell with a touch of Raheem DeVaughn but he’s all Boykins.

He has released 5 albums/mixtapes since his debut in 2008 giving you plenty and music to browse through. The more you listen to his music, the bigger fan of his you will become.

You can find him all over social media:, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, twitter, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

Before you go: He has a new album coming soon – Bartholomew. I am so ready for this album to drop!


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  1. Shay

    Absolutely love Amorous! Can’t wait for new album! Thanks for the information! Xoxo!


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