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Perseverance Paid Off!!!

On May 1, 2016 I turned in a one month notice to my supervisor and the doctor that I worked for. I told them that I would be pursuing a career as a teacher. Then May 27th rolled around and I walked away from my job with no idea where God was going to take...

Workout Motivation

I joined a gym 3 months ago and FINALLY went today! I only did 30 minutes of cardio but that’s 30 minutes that I didn’t do yesterday. My mom and I went together. We are each other accountability partner. On the way she noticed that I brought headphones to listen to music and she forgot...

Intimacy and Why It’s Important

I am not talking just the physical intimacy between two people. I am talking about the intimacy in all relationships: lovers, friends, family and most importantly self. Intimacy presents itself in many ways. It’s a hug, a smile, or a simple reminder of “I love you”. Lovers – What we know best. Or so we...

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About Me
A young 30 something trying to find my way to a healthier lifestyle and learning to embrace all that is me. Why don't you join me on my journey.

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