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Slow Down Before You Breakdown

  I saw this post on Instagram today and I thought it was perfect. I am currently helping a friend with her website for her business, finally trying to actively blog, writing and researching a book, working on a side business (pricing, name, social media for it), while subbing and looking for a teaching job....

Black Excellence through Music

  I know you didn’t think I forgot what month this is! Not only is it the month of love and my birthday month (February 26th is the special day) but it is Black History Month!! I decided my best way to celebrate is with something that is dear to my heart – Music (hence...

Hidden Figures and Hidden Truths

Now up for 20 awards (including an Academy Award for Best Picture), Hidden Figures has wowed audiences across the nation and across the world. This incredible movie shines light on the brave works of 3 black women in a time when women weren’t seen as equals and black people were openly looked down upon. Racism...

A Love that Goes On – Verna & Calvin

Interviewed this couple over a year ago for an entirely different project that never launched. So here I am in 2017 FINALLY posting the interview. They have been married for over 20 years and have survived a host of obstacles thrown their way. They seem to be even more in love now than they were...

Fall In Love

  I meant to have this posted a few days ago. In fact there was going to be more than one playlist. However life had other plans and here we are. So please click here for a playlist of love. From fun and flirty to a passionate love. It has a little of everything.   Favorite...

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