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Whole 30: Week 2 and 3

I have 2 distinct feeling about this diet I am LOVING my energy levels WHEN IS THIS OVER?!! I mean don’t get me wrong, there are so many benefits to Whole30 that if are considering it, please don’t mind me dramatic reactions and give it a try. My energy throughout the day is AMAZING! My...

But Can I Trust You?

It took me years to get to a place where I liked myself but along the way it has been one rough road. Along with loving myself, I realized┬áthat I deserve love in my life. However I don’t fall in love easily. In fact I’ve only fallen in love once and when my heart was...

Why Do You Worry?

Last year was one of the most trying years for me and my faith. I took a major leap of faith by quitting my job with no stable back up plan and followed the path that God laid out in front of me. Along with that leap of faith came some of the biggest challenges...

Whole30 Cooking – 7 days In

At first I thought this wasn’t going to be good. The combination just didn’t sound right to me but I was so wrong. It was delicious!! It was really easy to make – even with all of the ingredients. I don’t know if I am legally allowed to share recipes straight from the book but...

Whole 30 – Let’s Get Started

  As a jump start on a healthier lifestyle my mom and I have committed to Whole 30 for the month of January. Well we are starting today and ending the first week of February. We will be cutting out bread, processed sugars, and dairy (except eggs). It will be a complete detox of our...

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