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Mental Restoration

  It is nearing the end of March and the first quarter of the year is almost over. Winter gloom has left and spring has entered the building. Most people have forgotten their new years resolution by now and are sinking into the abyss of day to day life. With the end of the holiday...

A Confident Woman

A couple of weeks ago my friend Shatise came to Houston to celebrate a friend’s engagement. While she was here she wanted to take pictures to capture the moments before heading home. After the weekend was over and she returned home she noticed something. Every time she wanted to take a picture of me or...

Looking Back

This morning I woke up and headed to Corpus Christi, TX. I knew this could be emotional for me but I don’t think I was fully prepared for all the feelings it would bring back. You see I came here for a baby shower for a friend. He’s not just any friend. He was my...

Expectation vs. Reality

I had a list of things that I expected for myself by the age of  30. A flourishing career, a husband, a kid or 2, a substantial savings account and a house. Not a single thing on this list has come to life. I am as single as it gets, no kids, in an apartment...

About Me

About Me
A young 30 something trying to find my way to a healthier lifestyle and learning to embrace all that is me. Why don't you join me on my journey.

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