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I Turned 30 Today

I think that we all have an expectation of where our lives are supposed to be at 30 and rarely do any of us meet those expectations. Now there is a small percentile of the human race that seems to actually have set goals for 30 and met them all. For those of you my...

Artist to Love

  Have you met Jose James? If not, your life is severely lacking! He looks like hip-hop and sounds a little bit like soul. This new jazz artists brings a little extra to the table. I heard his song Promise in Love on Spotify, played it back, and then played it back once more. I...

Let’s Talk Grammy’s and my Fav Moments!

So I missed half the Grammy’s (side-eye to myself) and had to go back and google all of the performances and review the list of winners. The performances were good but I feel they aren’t as great as they used to be. Every award show feels like the planning committees are less and less ambitious...

Artist to Love

Jesse Boykins III Back in 2009 I could only find Jesse Boykins III on YouTube and now he’s all over the internet and TV. He is one of the few artists of current times that sings about real romance. J Boykins continuous gives me 90s R&B/soul love type of vibes and I am completely here...

Making A Change

In 2007 I joined Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority. Key word in that was SERVICE. I joined this sorority because I wanted to be able to do my part and make a positive impact on my surrounding community. Since then I haven’t been very active in my sorority at an alumni level and I...

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About Me
A young 30 something trying to find my way to a healthier lifestyle and learning to embrace all that is me. Why don't you join me on my journey.

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