To the Suicide Note I Never Wrote

Warning: This is a long post… It was in November of 2014. I had a normal work day. I went to a job that I hated, did the best that I could (which was never enough), came home, and sat on my couch. For whatever reason every emotion was triggered that night. I can’t remember...

I am a Teacher… What was I Thinking?

I am currently trying to calm down internally and plan for the upcoming year. I have edited and printed a planner for the year (pics below), in the process of creating a Parent Info/Communication Log, and a Substitute Binder… all while starting to gather supplies for the classroom/students. In the midst of it all I...

Perseverance Paid Off!!!

On May 1, 2016 I turned in a one month notice to my supervisor and the doctor that I worked for. I told them that I would be pursuing a career as a teacher. Then May 27th rolled around and I walked away from my job with no idea where God was going to take...

A Love that Goes On – Verna & Calvin

Interviewed this couple over a year ago for an entirely different project that never launched. So here I am in 2017 FINALLY posting the interview. They have been married for over 20 years and have survived a host of obstacles thrown their way. They seem to be even more in love now than they were...

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